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Our Solutions

Portfolio Solutions

We have extensive experience in constructing portfolios through strategic and tactical asset allocation. The process runs through from the initial asset and liability assessments and economic forecasts rounding off with calibrated risk management metrics and governance mandates. Thus far we have engineered in excess of a 100 billion dollars worth of portfolio assets all within the broad framework of performance seeking and liability hedging. This knowledge and experience can only improve the outcomes for your pension or endowment assets. We are underway constructing an enhanced cash fund that meets our robust criteria and which will anchor future endeavours.  

High Impact Advisory

After witnessing many years of prosaic and lethargic corporate rhetoric surrounding "sweating your assets" we want to transform the landscape through our unique analysis. With our genuine insight which we gained from capital markets trading, deep knowledge of debt finance and keen interest in philosophy we want to deliver high impact advisory services that goes beyond accounting metrics and delivers true inclusive economic value therefore we are also keen to work with employee, community and state related groups. Our sense making initiatives will derive the efficiency and effectiveness vectors bespoke to your circumstance and goals. We will always put decency first.  

Structured Products

With decades of experience utilising derivatives to hedge and create unique pay-off profiles for banks, asset managers and corporates we want to avail this experience to our clients. Our structures mitigated interest rate, currency and equity risk. Note we have implemented hedge structures on both financial assets and debt liabilities. The bespoke structures make use of asset swaps, equity options and futures and forwards. Whereas a single bank can provide this service, we as the "buyers' consultant" can structure a bespoke transparent package that uses the best prices available in the market from all trade counterparties. This approach not only makes this method cost beneficial for clients but also serves in reducing the risk universe. In addition we are currently working on 2 very unique structures that will reduce funding costs and transform the industry. 

Treasury and Trading

Similar to our structured products solutions we want to bring our advanced knowledge of financial markets to corporate, government and non-profit treasuries. We understand this need for proper transaction advice and execution that is sensitive to your particular mandate and circumstance. Thus far we are testing software offerings in conjunction with a data scientist that are best suited for execution and that offers real time management information for the client. 

Private Equity

Having worked in advanced risk management and valuations which complied with international best practice, private equity contracts and valuations are notoriously opaque. The plan sponsor is disadvantaged and relegated to using submitted valuations from the general partner (which invariably contain biases). This is where the sponsor requires guidance both at the contracting phase and during ex post valuations. Knowing  your particular requirements we can evaluate and source private investments. We are passionate about delivering the "buyers' solution" as opposed to just selling you a number.



I hold my actions to a higher fiduciary standard which means not only do I act in your best interest with care and skill but I also integrate environmental, social and governance factors in my representations.

With my deep experience in risk management, scenario building and policy development (amongst others) I am able to represent joint objectives at trustee, director and nominee director level. There is also a need for my skills at board sub-committee forums where I am able to responsibly represent stakeholders' interests, conduct advanced analytics and execute resolutions.

Recall I actively bring the attributes of loyalty, diligence, care and skill to exercise the proper purpose of a company, pension fund or institution. These functions are complex and unique to each body with many possible tangential outcomes however with my holistic perspectives and specialist skills I can mitigate risks and align outcomes to your goals.

- Puben Govender, CFA CAIA FRM

- A Herbst, Dr
“Puben has worked with me at the South African Reserve Bank. He is an extremely intelligent individual with unbelievable knowledge of financial markets. I highly recommend him.”