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Vision 2020

This is a nifty collation by Bloomberg LP . The key theme from the big finance houses is that the returns of 2019 will not be repeated. If one excludes geo-political risks emerging markets and Europe needs to play catch up with the US markets. However we should note that not all emerging markets are created equal and that Europe needs to roll back regulations and start spending from the fiscus.

Most of us cannot control the markets but what we can control is our risk budget and our development this year. My focus is to further augment my asset allocation, risk management and trading skills. My message to everyone, no matter your background, skill level and financial means, is to keep working on your intellectual property this year and beyond. I was lucky enough to draw from many practical and academic experiences to build my "property". Find your passion/purpose and build your intellectual property i.e. add some "soul" to you work.

Happy trading.


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